Tucked neatly in the North-Eastern corner of the map, Maine is famous for its vast, amazing wilderness, awe-inspiring coastlines, and numerous lakes, islands, creeks, and rivers. This fantastic natural setting makes Maine one of the country’s most attractive states for hiking. From long, calm, easy trails that you can enjoy on a sunny October day to challenging and rocky hills tracks, the state offers something special for any hiker. 


In this short guide, we’ll bring you the best hiking trails in Maine, handpicked just for you. Let’s start:


#1 – Knife Edge Trail on Mount Katahdin


This iconic hiking trail is a little more challenging than the average but will take you through some of the most spectacular areas in Baxter State Park. With an impressive elevation gain of almost 3,800 feet and a length of 9.4 miles, it takes you to Mount Katahdin, which is the tallest mountain in Maine and the start/end of the famous Appalachian Trail (AT).


The trail is absolutely spectacular along the iconic knife’s edge ridge, an incredibly narrow section packed with rugged and exposed rocks that will leave you breathless. Another amazing spot is the keyhole notch, which offers excellent photo opportunities. Daunting, spectacular, and breathtaking, the Knife Edge Trail will make your day an excellent experience. 


#2 – The Beehive


A much more relaxing hiking trail, perfect for families and people looking for a quiet day in nature, The Beehive has a small elevation gain (550 feet) and covers only 1.4 miles. You may think that this trail is nothing to write home about, but you’d be surprised how much it offers. It’s packed with metal rung ladders, cliff edge scrambles, and old metal bridges, but also relaxing sections.


Reach the top of the trail to enjoy views of Sand Beach and the ocean below. You also get to explore the pond on the backside of the Beehive where you can have a snack before getting back to the trailhead.


#3 – Cadillac Mountain


Explore the Cadillac Mountain trail for a spectacular introduction to the Maine coastline. With an estimated elevation gain of 1,300 feet and a length of 4.4 miles, the Cadillac Mountain trail is the quintessence of hiking in Maine. 


If you want to hike in Maine, start with this trail – especially before sunrise. Get up early to get to the top of the trail and watch the sunrise, then try loop hiking on the Gorge Trail and return on the South Ridge Trail.


#4 – Great Head Trail


This is the perfect trail to explore if you want to explore the wild beaches of Maine. Just under 1.5 miles in length and with an easy elevation gain of just 300 feet, the Great Head Trail starts next to Sand Beach and goes up the rocks in the Acadia National Park to offer fantastic ocean views.


#5 – Moxie Falls Trail


This relaxing trail to the Moxie Falls is perfect for families, kids, and everyone in between. Standing at a whopping 100-feet high, Moxie Falls is the most famous waterfall in Maine. Just a few rocky steps take you to the waterfall, making it very accessible to anyone, even in the winter, when part of it is frozen. Explore the river downstream to find awesome swimming and fishing spots.


#6 – Mount Battie Trail


We’ll finish our guide with this short, relaxing trail with beautiful ocean views. With a length of just 1.1 miles and an elevation gain of 600 feet, it offers amazing views of Camden, the harbor below, and the ocean in the distance. The trail may seem just a short trip out of town, but it offers exciting sections with rocks and steep cliffs. Want a little more? Hike up Mount Megunticock, which is a little longer and more challenging.